“I have watched Tom manage an organization through the high points in the business cycle and during challenging episodes. His leadership skills are stellar, and he is able to motivate and lead the organization with integrity and the highest level of ethics. When it comes to the payments industry, his vision and acumen are unparalleled.”

Robert R. Ouellette, Attorney at Law.

“I worked with Tom for a little over two years in a turn-around situation in the payments industry. His deep industry insight and contacts, as well as his vast technical and practical knowledge around all aspects of payments processing were absolutely essential to our success!”

Michael R. Sayre, President and CEO, NexDefense Inc.

“During our association, I found Tom to be very knowledgeable about the payments industry, creative when seeking a resolution to a problem, and above all, a person of high integrity. I can confidently recommend him for any assignment in the payments industry.”

Ken Sperl, Attorney at Law.

“The payment industry is a very complex, difficult market to navigate. Consequently, it can be very painful or quite profitable. Having worked with Tom for several years in the payments landscape, it has become glaringly obvious his depth of knowledge and the extensiveness of his experience. Tom is a veritable compendium of the arcane and often subtle requirements that persist among Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, to name a few. From my perspective, there is no better individual to help guide one through this challenging environment.”

Cary Serif, Payments Industry Executive, Chairman-Diascopic LLC

“You would be hard pressed to find anyone with the breadth and depth of payments knowledge that Tom possesses. Tom thinks both strategically and holistically with a high degree of ethics as a principled leader.”

Alan Homewood, Founder/Chairman, 2Checkout

“Tom was able to expand the horizon for this privately held payments processing business while increasing the overall profitability. He was a sincere and thorough-minded leader that brought the needed disciplines to the business.”

Al Pappas, former CIO-VMWare, former CIO-Hotwire.com, Executive Consultant-The Canea Group

”Tom is a model CEO. He is the kind of person that people want to work for – the kind of person that team’s rally behind – the kind of person that you want to succeed. He is an egoless leader that leads by example. He has an uncanny ability to motivate people and unite teams. Tom has a unique ability to build rapport and confidence with any audience, be it board members, employees, customers or the media. As a leader, he is as comfortable setting strategy as managing the details. His integrity is beyond reproach and his word is his honor. In terms of domain expertise, Tom’s knowledge of the payments space is indisputable and profound.”

Daniel Greenberg, CEO, CMO-ToGo

“As a member of the Board of Directors at 2CheckOut, I had the opportunity to work with Tom as he led the company from being an early-stage developing business, to a mature world-class competitor. It was not only Tom’s deep background in the industry that drove this growth – it was his intimate understanding of the more subtle nuances of this complex industry. In many years of board service to growth companies, I’ve seldom seen CEOs with his level of outstanding competency.”

Hugh Cathey, former member of the Board of Directors, 2Checkout

“Dailey has been on the front lines leading results-driven organizations, navigating the complex rules and structures of the payments industry, making the tough decisions, and inspiring high-achieving employee performance. With his quick grasp of the industry’s business and financial situations—and no-nonsense style—Dailey can help organizations overcome strategy, risk, growth, and organizational roadblocks.”

Thomas Kossler, former VP-Discover Financial Services

“We worked with Tom and his team to put a large strategic deal together… and Tom did what he said he was going to do. We got the deal done in a very timely manner and launched a great program that lasted for years. It netted tens of millions of dollars to each party and Tom helped guide this through the political landscape.”

Charles Jadallah, Corporate and Business Development Executive, former EVP-Business Development, Merchant e-Solutions

“Tom has vast experience as a Chief Executive in the financial technology industry. He has been a long-time advisor to me and my partners on all issues related to payments and his insightfulness is only surpassed by his trustworthiness.”

Devin Mathews, Partner, ParkerGale Capital

“Tom is a person of outstanding character. He brings high integrity to everything he does and behaves in an ethical manner at all times. He leads by example with customers, superiors, colleagues and subordinates. He can seamlessly go back and forth between the details and the strategy.”

Martin Slusarz, former CFO, C-SAM and former VP-Finance, Discover Card

“Tom is a rare and highly professional, ethical and spotless talent. Tom is perfect for any endeavor within payments and SaaS or “new thinking” processing. His organizational skills, and mojo on recruiting and managing talent to deliver results, is simply tough to match. A go-to guy for any project of substance.”

Thomas Cannon, CEO, Whitehall Global Payments Group

“Tom engaged our audience by what he said and by the interactive, reflective questions he posed. I got nothing but very positive feedback. Some of the audience were even academics and they don’t give compliments about speakers easily. It’s about time someone like Tom made ethics, values and integrity enjoyable, fun and meaningful.”

Martin Rutte, co-author, “Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work”

“Quite simply, Tom Dailey moves audiences… Tom’s spirit and energy are captivating, regardless of the audience demographic. He has a true gift for making the complex seem easy to understand – and the ability to cut through the clutter.”

Walt Marquardt, Senior Vice President, CVC Communications

“Tom is a communicator and motivator. As one of his colleagues for over ten years, I can vouch for his expertise and effectiveness, but even more for his belief in and practice of values and business ethics.”

Bruce L. Osborne, former S.V.P., Discover Financial Services, Inc.

“Tom Dailey is one of the young lions of American corporate leaders. He speaks the language… from the troops in the field to the executives in the board room, and to Tom, it’s all one language: Truth.”

Tracey Carruthers, Executive Coach, CoachCarruthers.com

“The challenge for any 21st century organization is to fully engage the hearts and minds of each individual within that organization. Tom understands that leaders must have ethics and integrity that engender trust within their followers. Tom speaks to the fact that living honorably is good for business, and that your greatest responsibility is to protect and nurture your sense of destiny, greatness, dignity and hope through the work you choose to do and how you choose to do it.”

Robin Williams, President, Restoration Consultants