Federal court agrees with FTC ruling that Amazon is liable for unauthorized in-app purchases

In an unsurprising ruling, a U.S. District Court agreed with the Federal Trade Commission that Amazon is liable for unauthorized in-app purchases, mostly by children.  The FTC estimated that more than 40% of these purchases were not authorized.  In-app purchases include game currency, game unlocks and other subscription items. At issue was Amazon's lack of sufficient [...]

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Did Kim Kardashian invent biometric authentication?

Generally speaking, I'm one of those people that cringes when attention-seekers like Kim Kardashian actually get attention for their antics.  But I just couldn't let this one go without comment. She filed litigation against Amazon, MasterCard and Lucova asserting that the use of facial recognition technology to authenticate payments is an infringement on her intellectual property [...]

Amazon getting serious about India

Amazon announced it will launch a digital wallet as part of a broader strategy to become a serious player in the India ecommerce market.  Smart move.  Doing business there isn't easy, but the potential rewards are great. As someone who has run a payments business in India, I can appreciate the enormous market opportunity in a fragmented [...]

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