Apple Pay launches in France

On the heels of its recent expansion to Canada and Switzerland,  and the June announcement that Apple Pay will support ecommerce payments, comes the debut of Apple Pay in France.   The product is now available in the U.S., Canada, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Singapore and France, and Apple has signaled that Hong Kong could be next. Initially, Mastercard and [...]

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Apple Pay expanding into web-based ecommerce payments

In a move that could pose serious competitive challenges to PayPal and other ecommerce payment  players, Apple is expanding Apple Pay to support web-based ecommerce payments starting this fall.  The product will initially work only through Apple's Safari browser. 21 major retailers including Office Depot, Target, Home Shopping Network and have already indicated they [...]

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Apple Pay adds Mastercard and Visa functionality in Canada

Apple Pay is rolling out support for Visa, Mastercard and Interac accounts issued by seven Canadian banks, including giants BMO and the Royal Bank of Canada (both of whom already offered their own digital payment apps).  Since the launch of Apple Pay in Canada late last year, only American Express cards had been supported.  The service is available to [...]

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Federal court agrees with FTC ruling that Amazon is liable for unauthorized in-app purchases

In an unsurprising ruling, a U.S. District Court agreed with the Federal Trade Commission that Amazon is liable for unauthorized in-app purchases, mostly by children.  The FTC estimated that more than 40% of these purchases were not authorized.  In-app purchases include game currency, game unlocks and other subscription items. At issue was Amazon's lack of sufficient [...]

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