Did Kim Kardashian invent biometric authentication?

Generally speaking, I'm one of those people that cringes when attention-seekers like Kim Kardashian actually get attention for their antics.  But I just couldn't let this one go without comment. She filed litigation against Amazon, MasterCard and Lucova asserting that the use of facial recognition technology to authenticate payments is an infringement on her intellectual property [...]

Path of least resistance: EMV adoption shifting fraudsters’ focus to ecommerce, data breaches continue

It's a well-understood phenomenon in the payments space:  Fraudsters are opportunists who will adapt their tactics to focus on the most vulnerable parts of the payments ecosystem.  Sort of a criminal version of "whack a mole". According to a report by TransUnion, adoption of EMV at the retail point of sale is causing a steep [...]

Will “Pay by Selfie” be the authentication of the future?

MasterCard is testing a number of methods such as facial identification, voice recognition, fingerprints and even cardiac rhythm to improve authentication and replace traditional processes requiring the cardholder to remember PINs or passwords. To avoid scammers simply taking a selfie of a photograph, the technology will require the user to blink when taking the photo. Orwellian [...]

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