Could traditional payments be disintermediated in peer-to-peer marketplaces?

In a thought-provoking article on, Allen Scott makes the case that peer-to-peer direct service models (like Uber) are ripe for peer-to-peer payments (like bitcoin, and presumably other P2P payment platforms) to disintermediate traditional payment methods or "a corporation in the middle".   The article envisions true peer-to-peer direct service networks where service providers directly [...]

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EU plans increased regulation of digital currencies and prepaid accounts

In what is being billed as a counter-terrorism move, the EU is proposing stricter rules on digital currencies and prepaid accounts.  The EU signaled such a move last November, after French authorities determined that prepaid accounts were used by terrorists in the Paris attacks.  The rules are also designed to create greater transparency and curb [...]

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Bitcoin reality check: Trojan virus can irreversibly hijack payments

Bitpay is notifying users of a Trojan virus affecting some Microsoft Windows users which can irreversibly redirect Bitcoin payments. The virus does not reside within the payment application or digital wallet.  Rather, it exploits the clipboard feature within Windows.  Many users copy the bitcoin address of the intended payee into the Windows clipboard before pasting it into a [...]

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