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Stripe’s Atlas program promises instant U.S. presence, but it isn’t that simple.

Stripe's Atlas program promises to create an instant U.S. presence for non-U.S. merchants who want to access the U.S. consumer market and avoid the complications (and costs) of cross-border transactions.  The program bundles a Delaware corporation, a bank account and Stripe's U.S. payments platform. But as this article appropriately points out, there are a number [...]

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Cuba payments environment is thawing

Decades-old restrictions on financial transactions involving Cuba are falling rapidly.  Ahead of the president's historic visit this weekend, the U.S. Treasury department announced an easing of sanctions and restrictions, including a lightening of some Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) restrictions.  Today, Western Union announced it will launch full remittance services into Cuba as a direct result of [...]

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