Payments Strategy and Optimization

Review of payments platforms, practices and ecosystems to determine opportunities for operational efficiencies, identify and remedy potential risk exposures and costs, review compliance with card network and regulatory frameworks, optimize organizations, analyze transaction economics and partner relationships, product/technology roadmap. Proficiency in U.S, international and cross-border payment environments for both card-present and ecommerce transactions.
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Transactional Forensics

Analysis of payments processes and flows to reconstruct event chronologies, identify vulnerabilities and trace activities associated with fraud, data compromise, employee actions or other events with potential fiscal or reputational impact.
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Leadership, Ethics and Business Strategy

Assessments, insight and guidance to develop high performance organizations. Development of strategic plans and product roadmaps based on competitive landscape, market and product gap analyses. Assist with clarification of corporate values, ethics and integrity to authentically deliver company missions.
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Tom has vast experience as a Chief Executive in the financial technology industry. He has been a long-time advisor to me and my partners on all issues related to payments and his insightfulness is only surpassed by his trustworthiness.
Devin Mathews, Partner, ParkerGale Capital