Leadership, Ethics and Business Strategy

For senior business leaders, it can be lonely at the top. Engaging with a trusted colleague who has “been there and done that” can provide a safe, effective haven for contemplation of strategic or complex decisions.

Tom is experienced in the development of strategic plans and product roadmaps based on market data, customer insights, competitive landscape and product gap analysis.

On the people side, he can provide a fresh perspective on breaking down internal silos, aligning teams around goals and optimizing workforce performance.

Tom has worked with organizations to clarify organizational values, ethics and integrity to authentically deliver company missions.


Tom is a person of outstanding character. He brings high integrity to everything he does and behaves in an ethical manner at all times. He leads by example with customers, superiors, colleagues and subordinates. He can seamlessly go back and forth between the details and the strategy.
Martin Slusarz, former CFO, C-SAM and former VP-Finance, Discover Card