Sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees in the world of transacting.

Complex internal and external systems, relationships and regulations can make it difficult to make choices with confidence.

Having an outside, unbiased resource deliver a review of payments platforms, practices and ecosystems to maximize operational efficiencies can tear down internal silos within an organization and lead to optimal solutions.

Some operational reviews identify potential risk exposures that can be easily remedied. Other reviews can reveal significant exposures that require an urgent response to eliminate potential liability, financial and reputational loss.

Independent reviews can also determine the true economics of processing and partner relationships and the degree of compliance with card network and regulatory frameworks. We can assist with the creation of product and technology roadmaps.

For businesses transacting internationally (or those who wish to do so), Tom’s multi-national payments experience provides unique proficiency in cross-border payment environments for both card-present and e-commerce transactions.


We worked with Tom and his team to put a large strategic deal together… and Tom did what he said he was going to do. We got the deal done in a very timely manner and launched a great program that lasted for years. It netted tens of millions of dollars to each party and Tom helped guide this through the political landscape.
Charles Jadallah, Corporate and Business Development Executive, former EVP-Business Development, Merchant e-Solutions