Untangling the wires

The series of events during a payment transaction sequence is complex and can involve multiple systems, parties and regulatory frameworks. Tom understands these payment processes and flows, enabling him to reconstruct event chronologies and trace activities related to potential fraud, data compromise, employee actions or other events with fiscal or reputational impact.

The need for transactional forensics is often an urgent matter. Time can be of the essence. Adverse impacts can be eliminated or reduced by a timely, solid deconstruction of events and a reliable plan of action.

Proactive reviews of payment ecosystems can identify and correct vulnerabilities and inefficiencies before they create active incidents.


As a member of the Board of Directors at 2CheckOut, I had the opportunity to work with Tom as he led the company from being an early-stage developing business, to a mature world-class competitor. It was not only Tom’s deep background in the industry that drove this growth – it was his intimate understanding of the more subtle nuances of this complex industry. In many years of board service to growth companies, I’ve seldom seen CEOs with his level of outstanding competency.
Hugh Cathey, former member of the Board of Directors, 2Checkout