Matters involving payment processing are rarely simple.

Understanding how events, processes, technology, regulations and organizations contribute to a particular outcome requires deep payments experience.

Tom E. Dailey has extensive, global payments experience. He has served in many payments expert and litigation support engagements.

He can assist with expertise on roles and responsibilities of the parties in a payments transaction, systems/operational descriptions, transaction forensics, transaction and settlement flows, card network rules, government regulations, point-of-sale technologies, and interpretation of statements, reports and agreements.

Tom is a confident choice for general payments industry information, expert reports, depositions, court testimony; and the review and rebuttal of opposing party declarations, documents and expert reports.


The payment industry is a very complex, difficult market to navigate. Consequently, it can be very painful or quite profitable. Having worked with Tom for several years in the payments landscape, it has become glaringly obvious his depth of knowledge and the extensiveness of his experience. Tom is a veritable compendium of the arcane and often subtle requirements that persist among Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, to name a few. From my perspective, there is no better individual to help guide one through this challenging environment.
Cary Serif, Payments Industry Executive, Chairman, Diascopic LLC